Father and Son, Thunder and Lightning

Throughout the centuries many gods have strived to be the one, true God and so far only one of them has ever managed to succeed. His name is Adonai, the shepherd God of thunder. The question is how did such a minor Canaanite god, worshipped by a bunch of nomads called Hebrews, manage to become the God of Judaism, the God of Christianity, and the God of Islam? Many would claim this is because He really was, and is, the one, true God and not just another mere Canaanite thunder deity. It was mankind who learned, over time, to accept this as the truth. There are others who read the Bible differently and say that Adonai was not the only god of this world, but had to compete with others for the hearts and minds of mankind. The God of the Holy Bible, Adonai, the thunder god of shepherds, has proven to be by far the most successful at accomplishing this, utilizing shepherd protégés to spread His message far and wide. This simple, populist tradition of the shepherds includes the following:

The Shepherds: Abel –> Abraham –> Isaac –> Jacob –> Moses –> David –> Jesus Christ

Adonai spoke to these men personally and changed their lives and destinies to no small degree. Taken together, their words and deeds have managed to change history itself. Apparently among the Hebrew shepherds, there had always existed an underlying belief or understanding that their God, Adonai, was the actual Creator God. The other, supposedly more powerful, Canaanite gods El and Baal, were considered impostor gods and not capable of creating anything except ritual human sacrifice and ritual orgies. Since that time, Adonai has managed to win over most of the souls living in the world today through the religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Literally all other gods have died out and are no longer worshipped or prayed to by men. Their statues and temples have crumbled into dust and have been replaced by tens of thousands of Churches, mosques, and synagogues dedicated to Adonai that can be found throughout the world.

Did Adonai emerge victorious over the other gods simply through His strength and power, or did He manage to peacefully convince and persuade these other gods of His competence to lead mankind as the one and only God. In short, did God conquer the Heavens and earth through the power of His sword or by the sweetness and promise of His word? One thing is for sure, Adonai has outlasted some incredibly powerful gods such as Zeus, the great god of the Greeks and the Romans, along with literally hundreds of others. It is hard to believe that, during the rise of Christianity, Zeus and his fellow gods went down without a fight. When the dust settled, Adonai had become the one, true God of the Greco-Roman Empire. Among the living, this was accomplished through a peaceful religious movement called Christianity, which was based upon the teachings of a nobody Jew from nowhere named Rabbi Jesus. This is not to belittle LORD Jesus, but to put His actual importance at the time in context. Nonbelievers cannot even come close to explaining how these sophisticated Greco-Roman citizens somehow decided, for no apparent reason, to stop worshipping Zeus and his fellow gods of Mt. Olympus, after having believed in them for centuries, and suddenly begin to worship and follow Adonai, the ‘barbaric’ Jewish thunder god of shepherds and His only son Jesus Christ. Worshipping Zeus and Apollo took little effort, while Christianity and Judaism was hard work with many rituals to perform and laws to obey. Their conversion makes no sense without the existence of supernatural forces.

Is this God of the Jews actually the one, true God? Only time will tell, but even today in the modern world, His success at converting others can still be seen on the continent of Africa. For the past 50 years, Christianity has exploded across the continent, demolishing the tribal gods that pagan Africans have worshipped for hundreds of years and replacing them with the singular worship of Adonai, the God of the Holy Bible. The same is true to some extent in Asia as well, where China is experiencing a steady increase in Christian converts. The power of this God can be clearly seen by His success among different peoples and cultures found throughout the world. Christianity is not being forced upon them. Instead, they are willingly converting to this ancient religion that was started a long time ago by a man named Moses and culminated in the ministry of Jesus Christ.

The book that has helped facilitate this slow, but steady conversion to Adonai is one of the most widely read, studied and translated pieces of literature in the entire world. It is called the Holy Bible. No other book has managed to change history more than Scriptures. How has this happened? Admittedly, the Holy Bible is, in fact, great literature but it contains no unique story or parable or law that cannot be found to a similar extent in other cultures and writings. The Bible’s success remains a divine mystery. Nothing in science explains it, only the power and might of Adonai does. Why aren’t modern people reading the Book of Zeus, or the Book of Ra instead? The reason is that there is something literally supernatural about the Holy Bible, causing awe and reverence to those who read it no matter what language it is written in. The stories in it are no better than the sagas of the Greco-Roman or Egyptian gods and heroes, yet still it touches readers in ways that may never be understood. The Bible awakens the soul.

In short, the unbelievable popularity of Adonai and His book, the Holy Bible, cannot really be said to have been the result of mere chance, luck, or coincidence. The odds of this are astronomical. Instead, it appears that supernatural forces may have been at work helping to convert the pagan masses to the worship of the one, true God Adonai. His rise to power certainly cannot be explained scientifically. There is no way that scores of different tribes and clans of people would simply abandon the gods of their ancestors, whom they had worshipped for centuries, for no good reason without some sort of supernatural involvement. Yet this is exactly what happened throughout Europe and is still happening today in Africa.

One reason why individuals converted so willingly to this religious tradition is the reality of miracles. It must be remembered that the Israelites were some of the most skeptical people in the world. Their descendants still have this tendency. Judaism claims that there have been no new miracles since Hanukkah, 150 years before Christ. Because of the Israelites profound skepticism, there is every reason to believe that the miracles described in the Old Testament were very real and were witnessed by thousands upon thousands of people. This is also one of the major reasons why they were written down in the Bible, so that they would be remembered. Why write about miracles that never happened, especially if the majority of people are illiterate and cannot even read about them? No, it is far more likely that these miracles did, in fact, occur and that is why Judaism has lasted longer than any other religion in the world. To believe that these miracles did not happen, that Moses and the authors of the New Testament lied, made them up or exaggerated, is quite simply absurd. What would motivate them to lie that much anyway? Nothing, which is precisely why they’re probably all true.

It is far more likely that the authors of the Bible included precise descriptions of miracles because they actually happened. The healings of Jesus are so specific and so individually unique that it is difficult to believe they are all just fictional stories and nothing more. Who would have someone walk on water, change water into wine, and conjure baskets of bread and fish out of nowhere if they were all just stories? These strange occurrences, coupled with the legends that the Apostles and disciples of Jesus were also capable of miracles, helps to explain the lightning fast spread of Christianity throughout the Greco-Roman Empire. The human followers of Zeus, Apollo, Bacchus, Aphrodite and Diana saw these miracles in person and, as a result, ended up choosing a Jewish nobody named Jesus as their king, their LORD and savior; and the Jewish God Adonai, as God the Father.

There are those who believe that the age of miracles is over. Many of them are those who tend to question the validity of past miracles as well. Year after year, scoffers will sarcastically ask devout believers when the next miracle is about to occur. This ridicule is likely to continue, but not indefinitely. Mankind is entering into what some refer to as a New Age. This age is coming upon us suddenly, right in the middle of an explosion in technology and science, yet it promises to play a leading role in forcing scientists to accept the reality of the supernatural. Anyone who remembers their dreams should know that there are entire worlds, realities to explore during our sleeping moments. Once mankind is released from his fetters of secularism and godless unbelief, a national or even global dream network is distinctly possible. The New Age will be unleashing psychic forces that could almost be called witchcraft, but are actually gifts of the Holy Ghost, small powers of God given to His devout servants. During the early Church, it was not unusual for many disciples of Jesus to be gifted in this way, perhaps being capable of seeing and tracking demons, ghosts and other spirits, forcing them to speak and identify their names. At the same time, a typical Church father and his wife might find themselves dreamscaping together and going to visit people and heal them in their dreams. In addition to this, the husband might perhaps have the ability to conjure a vision, an apparition, of Mary or Jesus, anytime he wanted to, while the wife could transform into a bird and communicate telepathically. These talents, along with many others, were a standard part of the early Church and are what should be expected to flourish during the 21st century of Christianity.

The New Age that is to be expected also goes along with what Jews refer to as the Messianic Age. Christianity will become far more mystical. It is be an age of peace and adventure, with science and metaphysics no longer separate, but working together to explain the countless number of paranormal phenomena that are expected to occur in the future. They still have yet to explain the crop-circles in Great Britain! Ordinary people will begin to exhibit extraordinary talents like telepathy, clairvoyance, and lycanthropy. This may well take a century, but it is bound to occur eventually and its most enthusiastic supporters will, in fact, be Christians. A small power of God, a gift of the Holy Ghost, will become a standard part of any adult Christian inheritance. This is not to be a world, or a nation, without the supernatural, but a world where it is contained within the framework of the Biblical God, Adonai, the thunder god of shepherds. He, and He alone is the Almighty, the greatest of sorcerers and the mightiest of kings, and it is He who will decide whether the age of miracles is over and whether or not there will be any miracles anymore. Is thunder coming to rule the world in this lifetime? Most likely not, but true thunder will be returning someday to fill the world with the sound of His angels, even if this takes a century or two. The greatest show in the history of the world has yet to be seen, but it is coming and when it does men will once again remember that to listen to the sound of thunder is to hear the ancient echoes of the voice of Adonai, the one, true God.


God of Abel, God of Abraham


May the LORD God bless you in the name of  St.. Judas Maccabaeus.

Jason Nicholas Korning

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