The Five Questions which Prove that President Obama is not a Muslim

QUESTION #1) If Obama was really Muslim, why would a Jewish journalist ever write an entire essay calling him ‘the first Jewish President’???


I’d say, probably, intellectually I’ve drawn as much from Judaism as any other faith.

– President Barack Obama

QUESTION #2) Would an actual Muslim believer in Allah every say Judaism was one of his major intellectual influence???


QUESTION #3) Would any genuine Islamic believer ever pray at the Western Wall???


QUESTION #4) Would a loyal follower of the Prophet Mohammad ever celebrate Hanukkah???


QUESTION #5) Instead of accusing Obama of being Muslim, how come no one claims he is a secret Jew???


The answer to all of the above questions is because Barack Obama is black. Literally every single person who calls Obama a Muslim is white, and most probably racist, yet not completely racist. Thus, they are too cowardly to say the ‘N’ word (the racist derivative of Negro) out loud or in public, so now they say the ‘M’ word (Muslim, an adherent to Islam) instead, thereby getting away with their ignorant, bigoted, hate-mongering yet again.


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