A Book of Genesis Timeline according to Judaism


For the LORD Almighty will care for his flock, the people of Judah, and make them like a proud horse in battle. From Judah will come the Cornerstone, from them the tent peg, from them the battle bow, from them every ruler.

– Zechariah 10:3-4

The following timeline describes the people and events as recorded in the Book of Genesis as understood by Judaism. It was compiled utilizing information taken from three different Jewish websites: the Jewish Virtual Library.org, Being Jewish.com, and Akhlah.com. All three of these websites were in basic agreement as to the dates, but some included specific events that others did not. Thus, this timeline is a summation of all three put together into one comprehensive list. All dates have been translated from the Hebrew calendar into what is now called BCE- Before the Common Era. To be specific, this particular timeline starts at 3760 BCE and ends at 1452 BCE. It begins with the creation of Adam and ends with the death of Joseph.
NOTE: All dates are tentative and come from ‘Before the Common Era’ usually designated as B.C.E. or BCE.

Judaism – Timeline for the Book of Genesis

3760 — The LORD God creates Adam and Eve
3630 — Birth of Seth
3525 — Birth of Enosh
3435 — Birth of Kenan
3365 — Birth of Mahalalel
3300 — Birth of Jared
3138 — Birth of Enoch
3074 — Birth of Methuselah
2886 — Birth of Lamech
2831 — Death of Adam, the first man
2773 — Ascension of Enoch into Heaven
2718 — Death of Seth
2704 — Birth of Noah
2204 — Vision of Noah. Noah begins construction on the Ark
2202 — Birth of Shem, first-born son of Noah
2109 — Death of Lamech
2104 — Death of Methuselah
2102 — The Great Flood begins
1882 — Birth of Terah
1813 — Birth of Abraham
1802 — Birth of Sarah
1765 — Attempted building of the Tower of Babel
1755 — Death of Noah
1743 — God’s Covenant with Abraham begins
1737 — Abraham leaves Haran with Sarah and Lot and migrates to Bethel in Canaan
1736 — Abraham flees to Egypt due to famine, Melchizedek blesses Abraham
1726 — Birth of Ishmael, son of Abraham and Hagar
1713 — Birth of Isaac, Circumcision of the House of Abraham, Sodom & Gomorrah destroyed
1677 — Near Sacrifice of Isaac, Death of Sarah, wife of Abraham
1672 — Issac marries Rebecca
1653 — Birth of Jacob and Esau
1638 — Death of Abraham
1602 — Death of Shem
1590 — Isaac blesses Jacob, instead of his brother Esau
1589 — Death of Ishmael
1580 — Jacob begins working for his uncle Laban
1569 — Jacob marries Leah and Rachel
1565 — Birth of Levi, son of Jacob
1564 — Birth of Judah, son of Jacob
1562 — Birth of Joseph, son of Jacob
1560 — Jacob and family return to Canaan, Jacob is renamed Israel, Jacob and Esau reconcile
1546 — Joseph is sold into slavery by his brothers
1533 — Death of Isaac, Death of Rachel, wife of Jacob
1532 — Joseph becomes Viceroy of Egypt
1524 — Seven Years of Famine begins
1523 — Jacob and family join Joseph and settle in Egypt
1516 — Seven Years of Famine ends
1505 — Death of Jacob
1452 — Death of Joseph
1) Timeline of Jewish History, Jewish Virtual Library
2) Jewish Timeline, Akhlah.com
3) Jewish History Timeline Chart, BeingJewish.com
May the LORD God bless you in the name of St. Judas Maccabaeus

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