The Star of David above the American Eagle’s Head on the Back of the One Dollar Bill

The Star of David above the American Eagle's Head on the Back of the One Dollar Bill

Curiously, the Great Seal of the United States appears to contain an image of a Star of David. At the top of the obverse side of the Great Seal is a cluster of thirteen stars shaped in a very obvious “Star of David” shape, consisting of 13 smaller American Stars probably symbolizing the 13 original colonies, above the eagle’s head. This image is also found on the reverse side of the U.S. one dollar bill. No-one is absolutely sure today why that is so. Some historians think it was a way of showing gratitude to Haym Solomon (1740-1785) who was Jewish and is acknowledged as the prime financier of the American side during the American Revolution and the American Revolutionary War of 1776, which many are not aware of. Some maintain Solomon designed the great seal himself.

Another reason has been postulated that perhaps it was a way of the Founding Fathers of the United States acknowledging the God of the Hebrew Bible because of their strong devotion to the “Old Testament” as a guide to life. Others have seen more sinister reasons that actually border on anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

Whatever, the reasons may be, there is no question, that the shape of the Star of David is clearly emblazoned on the US’ Great Seal and on all US one dollar bills today.

– Star of David,

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  1. Vernon McVety Jr. | Reply

    That is NOT the star of david on back of the one dollar bill. The star is not interlinked.That is the inverse pyramid on top of the upright pyramid, symbolizing man raised above God, which is represented by the organization (illuminati) in origin. The Jews have always been the scapegoat for the Illuminati.


    1. The Star of David is a hexagram made of two opposing equilateral triangles of the exact same size, just as it appears above the Eagle’s head. You can call a dog a cat because you don’t like dogs, but it’s still a dog… 🙂


  2. Vernon McVety Jr. | Reply

    The star of David can also be seen as two intersecting pyramids – heaven on earth – analogous with the law of correspondences, as above, so below – vice versa. I don’t deny anything. Let me re-phrase my statement: I don’t believe it’s the star of David by” original intent.” It certainly lends itself to the imaginary interpretation, as the constellations lend themselves to their lengendary figures.


  3. Vernon McVety Jr. | Reply

    For the optimal conclusion we may all be able to agree that the 13 stars above the eagles head is an open metaphor.


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