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Anti-Judeo/Christian Quotables

The Judeo-Christian tradition is in fact a humanist construct without a single volume’s worth of primary source documentation. There is a reason for this ‘gap on the book shelf’, a gap in history.

– The Judeo-Christian tradition: A Guide for the Perplexed, by Gary North (1990)

The Judeo-Christian, Part VIII. The Basic Facts of Freemasonry

Fear God and keep His Commandments for this is the whole duty of man.

– Ecclesiastes 12:13

Part VIII. The Basic Facts of Freemasonry

Freemasonry goes farther and attacks Catholicism openly.

– Catholic Encyclopedia

In general, the Judeo-Christian Tradition has little time, or patience, for the endless number of absurd conspiracy theories that are, for the most part, a display of intellectual ignorance and misunderstanding. Nevertheless, it must be stated with all sincerity that, ever since the French Revolution in 1789,  Freemasonry has repeatedly proven itself to be an anti-Judeo-Christian organization with blatantly Pagan rituals and religious doctrines. It is quite probable that they also remain staunchly opposed to the continued spread of the age-old Biblical faiths which include both traditional Judaism and Christianity. The Roman Catholic Church, most especially its most learned and accomplished academic leaders, such as the Pope and his professional staff, have known this for literally centuries. Unfortunately, their historically accurate research findings have been almost completely ignored by the modern world, even though many of the Church theologians who were opposed to Freemasonry had advanced degrees from prominent universities and were some of the most intelligent religious scholars of their day. Here is just a partial sampling of official Christian documents, including a list of 17 different official Roman Catholic Church proclamations condemning Freemasonry since 1738. They are as follows:

I. Clement XII, Constitution “In Eminenti”, 28 April, 1738
II. Benedict XIV, “Providas”, 18 May, 1751
III. Pius VII, “Ecclesiam”, 13 September, 1821
IV. Leo XII, “Quo graviora”, 13 March, 1825
V. Pius VIII, Encyclical “Traditi”, 21 May, 1829
VI. Gregory XVI, “Mirari”, 15 August, 1832
VII. Pius IX, Encyclical “Qui pluribus”, 9 November, 1846
VIII. Pius IX, Allocution “Quibus quantisque malis”, 20 April, 1849
IX. Pius IX, Encyclical “Quanta cura”, 8 December, 1864
X. Pius IX, Allocution “Multiplices inter”, 25 September, 1865
XI. Pius IX, Constitution “Apostolicæ Sedis”, 12 October, 1869
XII. Pius IX, Encyclical “Etsi multa”, 21 November, 1873
XIII. Leo XIII, Encyclical “Humanum genus”, 20 April, 1884
XIV. Leo XIII, “Præclara”, 20 June, 1894
XV. Leo XIII, “Annum ingressi”, 18 March, 1902
XVI. Leo XIII, Encyclical “Etsí nos”, 15 February, 1882
XVII. Leo XIII, “Ab Apostolici”, 15 October, 1890

It seems most unfortunate that a great many of today’s Christian believers have little, to no, idea what the historical facts are about Freemasonry. Here are just a few of them, taken directly from the Catholic Encyclopedia, a long-standing, premier scholarly text of reference for the Roman Catholic Church:

Passage from Catholic Encyclopedia

The Corruption and Nepotism of Freemasonry
It is a fact attested by experienced men of all countries that, wherever Masonry is influential, non-Masons have to suffer in their interests from the systematical preferment which Masons give each other in appointment to offices and employment…which is detrimental alike to civic equality and to public interests. In Masonic books and magazines unlawful and treacherous acts, performed in rendering this mutual assistance, are recommended and praised as a glory of Freemasonry.

Freemasonry Caused the French Revolution

Freemasonry in the eighteenth century, as a powerful ally of infidelity, prepared the French Revolution. The alliance of Freemasonry with philosophy was publicly sealed by the solemn initiation of Voltaire, the chief of these philosophers…Prior to the Revolution various conspiratory societies arose in connection with Freemasonry from which they borrowed its forms and methods; Illuminati, clubs of Jacobins, etc. A relatively large number of the leading revolutionists were members of Masonic lodges, trained by lodge life for their political career. Even the program of the Revolution expressed in the “rights of man” was…drawn from Masonic principles, and its device: “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” is the very device of Freemasonry

Freemasonry’s Plan for Christianity
To destroy radically by open persecution of the Church or by a hypocritical fraudulent system of separation between State and Church, all social influence of the Church and of religion, insidiously called “clericalism”, and, as far as possible, to destroy the Church and all true, (i.e., superhuman) religion.

Freemasonry’s Plan for Children

To laicize, or secularize…all public and private life and, above all, popular instruction and education….(including) anti-Catholic and even anti-Christian, atheistic, positivistic, or agnostic sectarianism in the garb of unsectarianism. Freedom of thought and conscience of the children has to be developed systematically in the child at school and protected, as far as possible, against all disturbing influences, not only of the Church and priests, but also of the children’s own parents, if necessary, even by means of moral and physical compulsion.

Freemasonry’s Anti-Christian Statements
In similar discussions, containing in almost every word a hidden or open attack on Christianity, the truly Masonic magazines and books of all countries abound. Past Grand Deacon J.C. Parkinson, an illustrious English Mason, frankly avows: “The two systems of Romanism and Freemasonry are not only incompatible, but they are radically opposed to each other” and American Masons say: “We won’t make a man a Freemason, until we know that he isn’t a Catholic.”

Freemasonry’s Inherent Danger to Society
(Even if) some Masonic associations pursued for themselves no purposes contrary to religion and to public order, they would be nevertheless contrary to public order, because by their very existence as secret societies based on the Masonic principles, they encourage and promote the foundation of other really dangerous secret societies and render difficult, if not impossible, efficacious action of the civil and ecclesiastical authorities against them.

Freemasonry’s Danger to Christianity
Pope Pius IX characterizes Freemasonry as an insidious, fraudulent and perverse organization injurious both to religion and to society; and condemns anew “this Masonic and other similar societies, which differing only in appearance coalesce constantly and openly or secretly plot against the Church or lawful authority”…The ultimate purpose of Freemasonry is ‘the overthrow of the whole religious, political, and social order based on Christian institutions and the establishment of a new state of things according to their own ideas and based in its principles and laws on pure Naturalism.’ 


Freemasonry’s False Claims of Persecution
(Roman Catholic) Papal edicts and censures against Freemasonry have often been the occasion of erroneous and unjust charges. The excommunication was interpreted as an “imprecation” that cursed all Freemasons and doomed them to perdition…The pope and the bishops, therefore, as faithful pastors of Christ’s flock, cannot but condemn Freemasonry.

The fact of the matter is that Roman Catholicism continues to be the leading organization of Christianity with by far the greatest number of adherents world-wide. Fortunately, 21st century Evangelical Protestant America appears to finally be waking up from their metaphysical slumber, realizing that their fellow Christian neighbors who are also Freemasons may be at least slightly hypocritical concerning their membership in the Craft (Slang for Freemasonry). Indeed, a growing number of Protestant Christian Churches have publicly expressed their opposition to Freemasonry, calling it a blatantly Pagan organization that may well continue to grow more and more hostile to Christianity as the years and decades go by. Here is a short list of Protestant Churches that have spoken out against Freemasonry within the past 50 years.

Salvation Army International
Greek Orthodox
Lutheran Church
Methodist Church
Presbyterian Church
Mennonite Church
Nazarene Church
Church of Christ
Pentecostal Church
Brethren Assemblies Church
Church of England
Free Church of Scotland
British Methodist Church
Baptist Church of Scotland
Baptist Church of New Zealand
Baptist Church of Ireland

Does the Judeo-Christian tradition stand in any danger of collapse or eventual defeat by Freemasonry? The answer is probably not, but the soul of every man (and woman) is considered equally important, just as the continued allure and temptation of joining Freemasonry may pose a danger to the 2,000 year-old Judeo-Christian method of spiritual redemption after death. God-fearing believers need to remember that this system was founded upon principles of justice that see everyone as being worthy enough to be saved and, after proper penance, to eventually be allowed into Paradise to meet face-to-face with the one, true God, the LORD God of Israel.

The Church
The Official Christian Doctrine
Presbyterian Church of America, 1988 No one shall be received into membership into a (Presbyterian) church who is a member of a Masonic organization….in light of the clear statement of incompatibility of Freemasonry with Biblical Christianity.
Orthodox Presbyterian Church The evidence presented concerning the religion of Masonry permits but one conclusion… that Masonry is a religious institution and as such is definitely anti-Christian… membership in the Masonic fraternity is inconsistent with Christianity.
Christian Reformed Church of America, 1974 Membership in the lodge and in the church of Jesus Christ involves a double commitment which our Lord himself does not tolerate. Those in the church who affiliate with the Lodge must be shown the error of their way, and if they refuse to repent must be placed under the censure of the Church.
Church of Scotland, 1965 In our view total obedience to Christ precludes joining…the Masonic movement which seems to demand a wholehearted allegiance to itself, and at the same time refuses to divulge all that is involved in that allegiance… The initiate is required to commit himself to Masonry in a way that a Christian only should commit himself to Christ. 


Free Church of Scotland In the minds of the committee, according to their interpretations of the IScriptures, membership of Freemasonry… is inconsistent with a profession of the Christian faith.
Baptist Church of Scotland (Great Britain and Ireland), 1987 The clear conclusion we have reached from our inquiry is that there is an inherent incompatibility between Freemasonry and the Christian faith.
Anglican Church of England, 1987 There are a number of very fundamental reasons to question the compatibility of Freemasonry with Christianity.
Russian Orthodox Church The Church does not worship the god that is worshipped in Masonic temples… Masonry is a spiritual disease and is a rival of the Church…It declares that it is not a religion and yet claims to be religious… Since Masonry rejects the divinity of Jesus Christ and places Him on an equal level with founders of other religions, every Christian should stop and realise the implications of Masonry to his Christian faith.
Methodist Church of England, 1985 There is a great danger that the Christian who becomes a Freemason will find himself compromising his Christian beliefs or his allegiance to Christ, perhaps without realising what he is doing.
Lutheran Church, 1958 Masonry is guilty of idolatry. Its worship and prayers are idol worship. The Masons may not with their hands…but they created one with their own mind and reason out of purely human thoughts and ideas. The latter is an idol no less than the former.
Roman Catholic Church, 1985 The principles and basic rituals of Masonry embody a naturalistic religion, active participation in which is incompatible with Christian faith and practice. Those who knowingly embrace such principles are committing serious sin… In depth research on the ritual and on the Masonic mentality makes it clear that it is impossible to belong to the Catholic Church and to Freemasonry at the same time.

May the LORD God bless you in the name of the Judeo-Christian tradition

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