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Revelation 9:11 – When Thou Doth See Apollo Stareth at You, or Me or She, Maketh sure He cannot Follow!


They had as King over them, the Angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek is Apollyon (that is, the Destroyer).

– Revelation 9:11 (HINT: Apollyon is another name for Apollo)

Notice the Pagan god Apollo trying quite hard to rape the female he’s chasing  named Daphne. He treated any potential male victims who caught his roving eye in an even more violent manner through the back side, rather than the front!

The New Testament passage from  the Book of Revelation seen above isn’t the only hint that Apollo, a violent, cruel, and sexually degenerate Greco-Roman ‘god’ of the sun may represent a serious threat to the Biblical tradition. His outrageous sexual immorality alone clearly indicates his violent, unnatural preferences (Rape and Sodomy) are merely an expression of his continued opposition to literally all that the Judeo/Christian tradition believes in (Monogamy, Marriage, and Family).

In fact. a fairly extensive amount of evidence, both biblical and historical, may also point to the ‘Divine’ Apollo as the very real Anti-Christ. Or, as the Prophet Isaiah accurately predicted many, many centuries ago: ‘Oh, Lucifer, Son of the Morning, how art thou fallen!’

‘Apollyon’ translates to destroyer. Related to the Greek god Apollo. Apollo was considered the author of evil and its avoidance. Revelation- ‘They have as king over them the angel of the bottomless pit; his name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek he is called Apollyon. (Revelation 9:11)

– Apollo, The Underworld, The Unspoken Bible (usbible.com)


Given the fact this particular god’s followers and worshipers has dropped from millions of devotees around 2,000 years ago, to near zero today (not counting a few hundred New Age lunatics scattered about), Apollo may not be in a very good mood right now- especially about the continued religious of a certain Jewish carpenter from Nazareth.  Indeed, this former god of the sun, who once lived atop Mt. Olympus far above the earth, probably didn’t appreciate the way a miniscule Jewish sect of nobodies managed to inevitably topple his sodomite Roman Empire, leaving it behind to crumble into ruins and dust. This too makes him an even more likely candidate for the Anti-Christ, both then and now, and perhaps until the End of Time.


John referred to a pavilion of Zeus, located on a hill overlooking the city of Pergamos, as ‘Satan’s seat’ (Revelation 2:13). John also mentioned Apollo, the son of Zeus, as ‘the angel of the bottomless pit’ in Revelation 9:11. The term “perdition” in Revelation 17:11 is translated from a Greek term meaning ‘Apollo’. Therefore, it seems that Irenaeus thought the Antichrist would be a Titan and son of Apollo.

– John’s View of the Antichrist, By J. R. Church, The End Times Observer


What an Authentic 17th Century Deal with the Devil may well have Looked like…

Shown below is what has been alleged to be a genuine authentic contract with the Devil between a Priest named Father Urbain Grandier and several evil spirits straight from the depths of Hell, signed and countersigned in 1634. To be more specific, the signatures at the bottom of the page are thought to be those of ‘Lucifer, Beelzebub, Satan, Elmi, Leviathan, Asteroth and Baalbarith’. The least that can be said about the document is that even if it is a forgery, no ordinary, or sane, mind could have ever come up with such a clearly other-worldly design. Most artists today would die to be so talented (or perhaps sell their own soul to the Devil for fame, fortune, and glory).

This actual representation come from a 1971 book called Devils, Demons, and Witchcraft, by Ernst and Johanna Lehner. Nevertheless, it a perfect representation of the original truly looked like in 1634. Notice the eerie resemblance to these diabolical signatures and some of the better, more artistic graffiti drawn by young members in most American cities today. They have a playful, youth-oriented, hip-hop style to them which all the more terrifying considering the fact that this document really is 1634- nearly 400 years ago! The only dispute now is whether it happens to be a genuine legal contract with actual spiritual entities from Hell. Yet to prove that would be to prove that the Devil exists and proof of the Devil would, in turn, be irrefutable proof in the existence of God- which would change the world forevermore…

Cursed be the Devil, blessed be the LORD. Cursed be the Devil, may St. Peter strike him with a sword.

☀لاشيء سوى الأفضل🌛

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