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A Peek at Hell, what Jesus Christ called Gehenna

A Peek at Hell, what Jesus Christ called Gehenna

Looks like the grass in Hell is greener than it has ever been!

The Seven Hells of Judaism

>***<The Seven Hells of Judaism>***<

Hell has Seven divisions, one beneath the other. They are called Sheol, Abaddon, Beer Shahat, Tit ha-Yawen, Sha’are Mawet, Sha’are Zalmawet, and Gehenna.

– The Legends of the Jews, Louis Ginzberg

The Seven Hells of Judaism
1) Sheol
2) Abaddon
3) Beer Shahat
4) Tit ha-Yawen
5) Sha’are Mawet
6) Sha’are Zalmawet
7) Gehenna

Joshua b. Levi stated: ‘Gehenna has Seven names and they are: Nether-world, Destruction, Pit, Tumultuous Pit, Miry Clay, Shadow of Death, and the Underworld.’

– Babylonian Talmud, ‘Erubin 19a

The Seven Hells in Judaism according to the Talmud
!) Nether-world
2) Destruction
3) Pit
4) Tumultuous Pit
5) Miry Clay
6) Shadow of Death
7) Underworld

– Babylonian Talmud, ‘Erubin 19a

>***<The Seven Hells of Judaism>***<

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